Trading Agents
and Wholes alerts of German Sausages and Ham specialities, international Meat
specialities and Convenience Foods


Business Conditions:


  1. All
    sales take place only on the basis of the following delivery and payment
    conditions, which the buyer accepts upon receipt of the goods.

  2. Any
    circumstances or influences out with our control, especially acts of god,
    entitle us to cancel the sales contract. Any delivery problems on our part
    entitle the buyer to cancel the contract, claims for compensation will not be
    considered. Our offers are fixed with regard to delivery, delivery times and
    prices. Telephone orders are equally as binding as written orders and assumed
    to be valid when you confirm them with us by telephone, in person or in
    writing. We reserve the right to change prices and to calculate as valid on the
    day of dispatch

  3. Payments

    Prices shown in our Price List are CASH PRICES.
    To these cash prices 5% discount has already been applied. With bank surety or
    by special arrangement we will allow up to 7 days for cash payment without a
    surcharge. From the 10th day we will increase the amount of the bill
    with a 5% surcharge. Simultaneously from the 10th day, arrears interest
    will be calculated, at least 6% over the daily discount rate of the European
    Federal Bank. We reserve the right to hand over the demand for payment to our
    collections office. Should changes occur in the credit status of the buyer,
    especially through non – compliance with payment obligations, deliveries will
    only take place following payment in advance or cash on delivery.

  4. Our
    deliveries take place exclusively with the proviso of ownership of the

  5. In
    Principle returns will not be accepted. Should a return of goods take place for
    any reason, they will only be accepted in the original packaging and with proof
    that the cooling chain has not been broken. Any possible return can only take
    place if this has been declared on the bill.

  6. Any
    complaints regarding delivered goods can only be considered if made immediately
    after receipt the goods.

  7. The
    minimum purchase for wholesale customers is 50,00 €. For less than 50,00 ,€ the
    normal consumer price will be calculated.

  8. Deliveries
    and special requests – by arrangement

  9. Deliveries
    and payments are fulfilled at our company headquarters. Jurisdiction for
    possible disputes will be the court responsible for us by our choice.



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